Conventional and complementary
medicine fighting cancer together

Dear patients, dear relatives,

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, this is always a shock for the patient and his relatives.
Everything in life changes in a flash, and an invisible “wall” goes up.
In our fast-living times, these patients often feel left alone with this existential problem, as if they are the “helpless victims” of conventional medicine.
From my personal experience, I am convinced that holistic treatment concepts achieve the best results in cases of cancer.

This holistic approach encompasses allopathic medicine
(chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, psycho-oncology) as the main pillar which the patient should supplement with complementary measures taken on his own responsibility and according to his own convictions.

As an important element of complementary medicine, Maly-Meditation is particularly valuable. It helps patients find the hope and strength to activate their “inner healing powers”. One important element of this meditation is the integration of partners or relatives in order to move forward together.

I wish you and your relatives a successful meditation.

Prof. Dr. med. Waldemar Uhl

Director of the Clinic of General and Visceral Surgery
St. Josef Hospital Bochum, Clinic of Ruhr University

Wolfgang Maly

Nederlingenstrasse 6, D-80638 München