Personal experiences
with Maly-Meditation

Personal experiences with Maly-Meditation

It was a fortunate coincidence.

I first met Wolfgang Maly in 2006. At that time, I had no idea how important he was to become in my life.

I had had a breast-conserving operation after the diagnosis “breastcancer” and hoped that I had put it all behind me.

Just under one year later, fate struck again. I had another operation, but there were still indefinable cell changes at the operation site.

The doctors advised me to have a mastectomy. I went to see Wolfgang Maly. He meditated with me and laid his hands on me. The treatment lasted about half an hour, although I lost all sense of time.

Something else happened to me instead. Images surfaced in my head. Colors spread before my eyes. Some of them frightened me. Others filled my solar plexus with a warm, sunny, cheerful feeling, a kind of bliss.

Afterwards we always talked about what I had felt.
As I had now made up my mind to get the job done, my husband and I decided to go away for a week.
Wolfgang Maly showed my husband how to lay on his hands so that the treatment could continue on holiday.

Then the day of the operation came. When I got the results from the doctors, I was more than surprised. The histological diagnosis said that there were absolutely no more cancer cells to be found. Even the isolated bad cells in the tissue bordering the operation site had miraculously disappeared.

Did I regret this step? No, it made me feel all the safer. I know that there are more things in heaven and earth than we will ever be able to understand. However, it is important to be open to alternatives. When the mind is diseased, the body follows. Wolfgang Maly helped me.

I was his first patient.

C.S., Düsseldorf

I’ve had Multiple Sclerosis for four years.

The right half of my body is numb, I get cramp-like pains in the ribs on my right side, burning nerve pain in my back and am often exhausted. At some point, my bladder function had deteriorated so much that I was partly incontinent. For me – I’m still quite young – that became an unbearable burden. None of the medication I’ve taken so far has been any help; instead, it has had side-effects such as depression and gastrointestinal problems.

I went to see Wolfgang Maly for the first time in January 2011. After the meditation with laying on hands, my pain had gone. I was calm and relaxed. My husband and I should have done the meditation regularly. Somehow, though, I couldn’t really believe in the effect. That was probably because a lot of the people around me thought laying on hands was nonsense, and I allowed myself to be influenced by them. Even so, we did the meditation, not every day, but at longer intervals. During that time, my bladder function improved so much that my incontinence disappeared completely. What a relief! I thought, “There must be something in it after all.”

Since our second meeting with Wolfgang Maly, a good six months after the first, I now believe firmly in the power of self-healing triggered by the Maly meditation. Mr. Maly again encouraged us to meditate every day, and we (almost always) do this. When my husband places his hands on me, the pain goes away.

Sometimes I’m still even free of pain the day after. Above all, the meditation has given me back my hope. It’s also interesting that my husband and I see the same colors during meditation. When we talk about it afterwards, we constantly find that we both saw red, blue or yellow. And there’s something else I find fascinating. After the meditation, I tell my husband where I felt the warmth. These are always precisely the body parts to where he “sent” the light. He visualizes the healing light going to exactly the body parts which are either numb or in pain.

I always knew my husband loved me. But since he has been meditating and laying his hands on me, I feel it too. He goes deep into the meditation to help me and improve my situation. He does it really well, and I’m very grateful to him.

I hope that everyone who is sick and doesn’t know where to turn will find a way to Maly-Meditation just like I did, even though it didn’t happen right away.

I.K., Buchloe
My name is Tin W.J. Plomp.
I live in the Netherlands. I have been doing the Maly meditation since April 2010. In 2008, I became seriously ill. My immune system was very weak and I suffered from severe abdominal pain. My doctor suspected I had a stomach ulcer. After the medication he prescribed had no effect, I insisted on being admitted to hospital. On March 4, 2009, the doctors in the hospital discovered an inoperable tumor in my pancreas. They told me that I had no more than three months to live. However, I didn’t want to accept that.

An acquaintance who was also suffering from pancreatic cancer and was likewise unable to find help in the Netherlands recommended I consult Professor Waldemar Uhl at the university clinic in Bochum.

I went to see him and he operated on me in April 2009. Unfortunately the tumor couldn’t be removed, because it had already grown around too many blood vessels. I then underwent chemotherapy and hyperthermic treatments and received vitamin C infusions. At the end of 2009, I developed pneumonia because my immune system had been so severely weakened by the chemotherapy. I was transferred to the hospital’s intensive care unit, and nearly died.

I stopped the chemotherapy after that. At the next check-up in March 2010, it was found that the tumor had shrunk somewhat. I asked Professor Uhl whether there was anything else I could do to make it shrink even more. That’s when he gave me Wolfgang Maly’s business card. I’d actually already forgotten it until I accidentally discovered it in a pants pocket. I called Mr. Maly and asked him what healing methods he used.

He explained that he would pray for me and place his hands on me. That was the last thing I had been expecting. I am basically skeptical about anything which seems to me to be illogical. I have a professional background in criminology, and you quickly start doubting things which cannot be explained by facts. My wife, who had studied psychology, also found it hard to accept forces which she couldn’t explain. We both stay well away from anything esoteric.

However, Mr. Maly calmly explained to me how he conducts the meditation and what is important about it. I don’t know whether it was his calm, open and friendly voice which made me trust him, but I decided to set my doubts aside for the time being. In April 2010, my wife and I went to the missionaries’ monastery in Steyl where Mr. Maly held the meditations. Our first meeting was remarkable.

His voice, as I recognized it from the telephone, matched his external appearance. After just a couple of minutes, we felt accepted and were convinced he was a man of integrity who really cared about what happened to his patients. Our first meditation with the laying on of hands then began. It was quite strange for me at first, as I had never done anything like it before.

My body turned very warm in the places where Mr. Maly placed his hands, although they didn’t actually touch me – he held them about one centimeter above my clothing. My wife was to make sure that she did the Maly meditation with me at least every other day.

While she was watching us, she noticed that the air above me was shimmering, just like you can see in summer when the sun is shining on a hot asphalt road.

As with all new things, the euphoria disappeared with time. Instead, I increasingly felt the meditation to be a life experience. I don’t know how to explain it, but something happened to me, something that changed me. At the beginning, we went to see Mr. Maly at the monastery in Steyl once a week, later every two weeks. Since then, my wife has been meditating with me every day. I’m convinced that the Maly meditation helped us.

I went for a check-up in January 2011. The tumor had disappeared.

In November 2011, a blood analysis showed that the tumor markers were in the range for a healthy person. I had the feeling that the tumor had vanished completely and I was completely healthy. And the PET (positron emission tomography) scan of February 2012 showed that there is nothing left of the tumor, that I’m completely well. However, I’m certainly not putting my feet up and going back to my old ways. My wife and I do the Maly meditation every day, because it strengthens the spirit and the spirit strengthens the body. I really regret that so few people in Holland are interested in this form of meditation with laying on hands. Our physical and spiritual selves contain powerful forces which are just waiting to be used. Mr. Maly’s meditation shows this very clearly – at least for me.

I hope that Mr. Maly will continue doing his healing work for a long time, and that as many cancer patients as possible will find their way to him to have their diseases eased or cured.

Dr. Tin W.J. Plomp, Netherlands

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