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Maly is the Czech word for “small”, and in Pakistan it is used to mean “gardener”.
We can also see this meditation as a little gardener, a heedful journey within to
cultivate our inner garden and keep it blooming.

What’s behind Maly-Meditation?

  • 1. Prayer
  • 2. Visualizing light
  • 3. Laying on hands


How does Maly-Meditation work?
In order to get into the right mood for the meditation, Wolfgang Maly says a prayer with the patients to ask for God’s help. This is because the power with which Wolfgang Maly heals comes solely from God, the Almighty.

Once the patients are calm and have left the outside world behind them,Wolfgang Maly shows them the way to their bodies. He suggests the following images:

“Imagine that a divine healing light is shining through the crown of your
head and flowing from there into your heart.
From the heart, this light spreads lovingly throughout your whole body.
Now imagine that all your cells are healthy in this divine healing light.”

Depending on the patients’ symptoms, Wolfgang Maly suggests where they should direct the divine light for it to work.

He also concentrates on the patients’ diseased body parts both mentally and physically by gently touching the affected area with his hands and asking God to heal them.

The patients’ feel this gentle touch as a pleasant warmth.What results have Maly meditation achieved to date?

All patients experience a marked improvement in their quality of life and a perceptible easing of pain.

Most of them lose their fear of their disease and find new hope and courage. These are important requirements for the healing process. In many cases, the side-effects of chemotherapy were reduced.
In several patients, both the primary tumors and metastases decreased in size.

Some patients are now completely cured of cancer, a few of them have been clear of cancer for four years or longer.